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Multiplication x11


If you know your 10 times tables and you know your $1$1 times tables, then it won't be too hard to learn your $11$11 times tables! We know that $10+1=11$10+1=11 and that multiplication is looking at equal sized groups.

So $10$10 groups plus $1$1 group equals $11$11 groups!


Any number multiplied by $1$1 is itself.

e.g. $1\times5=5$1×5=5, $1\times12=12$1×12=12, $1\times100=100$1×100=100 and so on.

So if we're given a question, such as $11\times6$11×6, we could think:

$10\times6$10×6 $=$= $60$60
$1\times6$1×6 $=$= $6$6
So $11\times6$11×6 $=$= $60+6$60+6
  $=$= $66$66


Pretty Patterns in the 11 Times Tables

Watch this video now to see the cool pattern in the $11$11 times tables that will make them easier to learn?

  • What pattern did you see in the $11$11 times tables?
  • Why did it stop at $11\times9$11×9? (Hint:Think about place value.)

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