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Multiplication x6


We've already looked at the doubling strategy for our two and four times tables. Now let's look at how we can use a similar strategy to help us learn the six times tables.

We learnt that multiplying a number by 3 is the same as tripling a number. There are $3$3 equal groups.

Here are $3$3 groups of $4$4:

If we double the number of groups, how many groups are there?

There are now $6$6 groups of $4$4!


So to solve your 6 times tables, you can:

  • count up in sixes
  • use your $3$3 times tables and the doubling strategy
  • use your $5$5 times tables and add $1$1 more group (because $5$5 groups + $1$1 group = $6$6 groups) 

Let's learn more about the doubling strategy by watching a video.


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