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Equivalent number sentences (add/sub)


In mathematics, we talk about number sentences (called equations) that are equivalent. "Equivalent" means that one side of the number sentence is equal to the other side.

Since mathematics is a special language, we can show that one side of the equal is equal to the other using the equals sign, =.

For example, I could write $1+2=3$1+2=3. Since both sides of the equation are equal to $3$3, we can say that this is an equivalent number sentence. Watch this video now as we look at some more ways we can write equivalent number sentences.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Complete the number sentence: $27+\editable{}=52$27+=52.

ThinkIf we start at $27$27, how many do we need to count up by to reach $52$52. We can use a strategy (e.g. the jump strategy) to help us work this out.

Do: $27+25=52$27+25=52. The missing number is $25$25.


Question 2

Complete the number sentence:

  1. $119-\editable{}=46+47$119=46+47

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