Number Patterns
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Create, continue and describe number patterns (add/sub)


Let's bring together everything we've seen so far about patterns. We can now:

  1. Create a pattern from a description of a pattern
  2. Describe a pattern from a list of numbers
  3. Continue a pattern from an incomplete list of numbers

Watch the video below to see each of these in action!

Now that we've covered patterns, try as many problems as you can!

Worked Examples

Example 1

Write the next number in the pattern:

  1. $2$2, $4$4, $6$6, $8$8, $10$10, $12$12, $\editable{}$

Example 2

Complete the pattern:

  1. $56$56, $54$54, $52$52, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$, $\editable{}$

Example 3

Fill in the missing numbers in the pattern:

  1. $45$45, $\editable{}$, $39$39, $36$36, $\editable{}$, $30$30, $\editable{}$

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