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Caitlin was measuring how much she and her brother Bill grew over two years.

In the first year Caitlin grew $6.5$6.5 cm and Bill grew $3.5$3.5 cm. In the second year Caitlin grew $4.4$4.4 cm and Bill grew $7.4$7.4 cm.

How much did Bill grow over the two years?

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Dave trains $3$3 days a week. On Monday he ran $5.4$5.4 km, on Wednesday he ran $7.6$7.6 km and on Friday he ran $3.2$3.2 km. How far had he run in total before Friday?

Fred is baking a large chocolate cake. The recipe calls for $1.25$1.25 kg of sugar. If Fred has added $0.81$0.81 kg of sugar so far, how much more does he need to add?

Ryan bought $4.35$4.35 kg of red and green grapes for school lunches. If $1.7$1.7 kg were red grapes, how many kg were green grapes?

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