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Order decimal numbers with hundredths


Ordering hundredths

We have seen how to order decimals to the tenths and now we can extend our process to include hundredths. We use the same process but numbers in the hundredths place have a smaller value.

In Video 1, we will work through some examples, using a couple of different ways to order the list of numbers. As you practise, you may find one way suits you more than the other. The main thing to remember is the place value of the numbers you are comparing.


Renaming numbers

Sometimes you might need to compare a mixture of numbers with tenths and hundredths. This can be done more than one way, including renaming the tenths to hundredths. Find out how to do this in Video 2. 

  • We start from the left place value column first and work towards the right.
  • $\frac{1}{10}$110 has the same value as $\frac{10}{100}$10100.


Worked Examples

Question 1

Is $0.31$0.31 greater than $0.33$0.33?

  1. Yes




Question 2

Select either $>$> or $<$< to complete the following:

$6.64$6.64 ___ $6.61$6.61
  1. $>$>






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