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Convert tenths and hundredths between fractions and decimals


Place value for parts of a whole

Remember that we could extend our place value table to include columns that are smaller than units? These are used to show parts of a whole, which are worth less than one.

Comparing decimals to fractions

When we look at parts of a whole, we also use fractions to represent our number. If we know the fraction value, we can also write it in decimal form. So, we can write $\frac{1}{10}$110 as $0.1$0.1.

Looking at tenths as decimals, and on a number line

This video shows you how to compare the fraction expression to the decimal format, and the written format. It also shows you how decimals can be placed on a number line. Here, we look at tenths, so you may wish to have a look at working with tenths, for some extra help.


Looking at hundredths as decimals, and on a number line

In our second video, we follow the same approach, but use hundredths. In working with hundredths, we saw how we can break our whole into $100$100 hundredths. The fraction $\frac{23}{100}$23100 can be written as $0.23$0.23.


Tenths are bigger than hundredths.

To the left of our decimal point, the value of each digit increases, but to the right, it decreases.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Plot $3.9$3.9 on the number line.

  1. 34

Question 2

Plot $6.01$6.01 on the number line.

  1. 66.1

Question 3

What proportion of the diagram is shaded blue. Express your answer in decimal form.

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