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Write the reciprocal of a fraction


Tipping it over

If we swap the numerator and denominator of a fraction around, we make the reciprocal of our fraction. That might not seem exciting right now, but when it comes to dividing with fractions, you'll find this very useful. Maybe not exciting, but useful!

Let's take a look at how we can find the reciprocal of any fraction, as well as how we might need to simplify our answer.

Did you know?

Whenever you multiply a fraction by its reciprocal, the answer is always 1.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Find the reciprocal of $\frac{13}{4}$134.

Question 2

Find the reciprocal of $\frac{1}{16}$116.

Question 3

Find the reciprocal of $\frac{9}{33}$933. Write the answer as a simplified mixed number.

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