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Solve problems with mixed operations III

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In a test, you receive $2$2 marks for every correct answer, and $8$8 marks for also getting a special bonus question correct.

If Bart got $9$9 questions correct, as well as the bonus question, how many marks will he receive in total?

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Adam works at a restaurant that shares any money earned from tips evenly amongst the staff. On a particular night, Adam was paid his regular wage of $£43$£43, and also got his share of the $£20$£20 the restaurant received in tips.

Tina is training for a marathon. On the days she trains, she runs $15$15km on a circuit through her town, which is $5$5km long.

Mohamad is moving house. He wants to take all his DVDs with him for nostalgic reasons, and has $7$7 boxes to store them in.

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