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Proportions in units of measurement (metric)

In How many times bigger?, we looked at how we can use multiplication to work out how many times bigger one group is compared to another. Now that you've looked at division, you can also work out how many times smaller one group is compared to another. 

We can this same idea of convert or change between difference units of measurement. This video will show us how using examples with lengths and masses.

  • To convert from larger units of measurement to smaller units of measurement, multiply.
  • To convert from smaller units of measurement to larger units of measurement, divide.


Worked Examples


Fill in the blanks in the table. Express answers as decimals if needed.

  1. Metres (m) Centimetres (cm)
    $1$1 $\editable{}$
    $\editable{}$ $400$400
    $0.8$0.8 $\editable{}$
    $\editable{}$ $9$9


Convert $946$946 grams to kilograms.

  1. $946$946 grams = $\editable{}$ kg


James drank $\frac{9}{10}$910 litres of water. What is the amount that he drank in millilitres?

  1. $\frac{9}{10}$910 litres = $\editable{}$ millilitres

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