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Word problems IV

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Michael has saved $341$341 pounds, over the last few years, which he has earned from doing chores around the house. His parents give him $2$2 pounds for cleaning the dishes, $2$2 pounds for sweeping the leaves in his backyard and $4$4 pounds for walking the dog.

Michael decides to do all three chores today. How much money will he have after he finishes his chores?

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There are $653$653 different species of fish and other wildlife at an aquarium. The aquarium has advertised the addition of $71$71 new species of fish, $7$7 new species of crustaceans and $9$9 new species of sharks.

How many species of fish and wildlife will the aquarium be home to?

A retail store has sold $241$241 of their branded t-shirts over the last $9$9 months and is expected to sell $14$14 t-shirts in the next month, $69$69 t-shirts in the following month and $35$35 t-shirts in the month after that. In addition, the store has also sold $50$50 branded shorts in the last month.

If the store meets their expected sales in the next three months, how many branded t-shirts will they have sold over the last year?

A biologist is growing a colony of bacteria. The initial population has $52$52 bacteria. On the first day, the population increases by $322$322 bacteria. On the second day, the population increases by a further $699$699 bacteria. On the third day, the population increases by a further $821$821 bacteria.

What is the total population of the bacteria in the colony?

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