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Word problems III

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Peter had his birthday at the end of last month and received $£110$£110 from his grandfather. He also received $£50$£50 from his aunt.


What is the total amount of birthday money Peter has received?


Peter is saving up for a new surfboard, and has found an extra $£5$£5 under his bed. How much money has he received now?


If the surfboard costs $£350$£350, how much more does he need to save?

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It took Caitlin $268$268 seconds to finish a race. Iain finished the race $2$2 seconds quicker than Caitlin, and Victoria finished the race $4$4 seconds quicker than Iain.

How many seconds did it take Victoria to finish the race?

Valentina and Derek are the last two batters on their cricket team. When they come in to bat, the team has already scored $131$131 runs. Valentina scores $44$44 runs and Derek scores $14$14 runs.

How many runs does the team score in total?

A train has $137$137 passengers when it arrives at a station. At the station $13$13 passengers get off and $13$13 passengers get on.

How many passengers are on the train after it leaves the station?

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