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Construct numbers (billions)


When we build large numbers, we follow the same process as we do for other numbers.  The main difference is  that there are more digits in our number, and therefore we need to carefully consider the value of each digit in our number.

The value of our digits

In the first video, we look at how the value of a digit changes when we move between columns in a place value table. This can help you gain a sense of just how big some numbers are!

Some examples

In our second video, we create some numbers, using a place value table, and a number expander.  In one example, we have two digits the same, so have to think about where to place them. In another, we see just how important our zero (0) place holders are.

Worked examples

Question 1

For the following questions use all of the digits $5,7,3,5,4,4,7,7$5,7,3,5,4,4,7,7 and $1$1.

  1. Make the largest number possible.

  2. Make the second largest number possible.

Question 2

Using all the digits $2,2,7,4,8,7,7,1$2,2,7,4,8,7,7,1 and $3$3 (each time only once), write all the numbers that you can make that fall between $120000000$120000000 and $122350000$122350000.

  1. Write all the numbers on the same line, separated by a commas.

Question 3

Let's look at the number $823134381$823134381.

  1. How many hundred thousands are in the number $823134381$823134381?

  2. How many millions are in the number $823134381$823134381?

  3. How many ten millions are in the number $823134381$823134381?


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