Number (order and place value)
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Making Numbers with Number Cards (Investigation)



  • A set of 10 cards numbered 0 - 9

Make This Number

Use your number cards make a number that meets the first rule. Then (if you need to), change your number to follow the next rule.  Keep changing your number until it follows all of the rules below

  • make a 3 digit number
  • the value in the units column must be more than 5
  • the value in the tens column must be less than 7
  • there must be more than 20 tens

Follow-Up Questions

1. Is your number the only number possible? How do you know?

2. How many different numbers could be made? How could you figure this out without making every different number?


Write your own list of instructions for your classmates to follow and make numbers from.

Make the Largest Number

You can do this activity in a group or with a partner.

  • Each person randomly draws 4 different cards from the deck.  
  • Arrange your cards to make the largest number possible.
  • Now arrange your same cards to make the second largest number possible.

Follow-Up Questions

1. How did you know you made the largest number possible from your cards?

2. How many different 4 digit numbers in total can be made from your 4 cards?

3. How many different numbers (of any size) can be made from your 4 cards?

4. What is the connection between the largest and second largest?  Can you describe this using the language of place value?

5. Can you say the name of your largest number out aloud?  Can you write it out in words?


  • Instead of 4 cards draw 5 or 6
  • Instead of the largest and second largest, try the smallest and second smallest

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