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Grade 10

Find an use the equation of a line

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State the slope and $y$y-value of the $y$y-intercept of the equation, $y=2x+3$y=2x+3

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$y$y-intercept $\editable{}$
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Consider the equation $y=-1-\frac{9x}{2}$y=19x2.

Write down the equation of a line whose slope is $-8$8 and crosses the $y$y-axis at $-9$9. Express in slope-intercept form.

Write down the equation of the line in slope-intercept form, given that its slope is $-3$3 and its $y$y intercept is $-2$2.



Determine the equation of a line, given its graph, the slope and y-intercept, the slope and a point on the line, or two points on the line.

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