Ontario 09 Academic (MPM1D)
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Division law with integer bases

Interactive practice questions

We want to evaluate $3^8\div3^5$38÷​35 by first evaluating each term in the quotient separately.


First, find the value of $3^8$38.


Now, find the value of $3^5$35.


Use your answers to the previous parts to find the value of $3^8\div3^5$38÷​35.


Use your answer to part (c) to simplify $3^8\div3^5$38÷​35.


Approx 2 minutes
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We want to evaluate $\frac{5^5}{5^3}$5553 using repeated multiplication to simplify the fraction.

Fill in the missing power to make the equation true.

Convert $4^7\div4^4$47÷​44 to a fraction using exponent laws, and simplify the fraction. Write the answer as a single number.



Derive, through the investigation and examination of patterns, the exponent rules for multiplying and dividing monomials, and apply these rules in expressions involving one and two variables with positive exponents

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