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Grade 9

Unit rates and graphs

Interactive practice questions

Consider this table:

$x$x $y$y
$1$1 $6$6
$2$2 $12$12
$3$3 $18$18
$4$4 $24$24
$5$5 $30$30

Plot the line.

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State the unit rate of the graph you have plotted.

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Consider this table:

While playing a particular song, a pianist is measured to make an average of $40$40 keystrokes every $8$8 seconds.

Consider this table:



Determine, through investigation, that the rate of change of a linear relation can be found by choosing any two points on the line that represents the relation, finding the vertical change between the points (i.e., the rise) and the horizontal change between the points (i.e., the run), and writing the ratio

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