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Grade 9

Applications of rates

Interactive practice questions

An industrial detergent requires $19$19 mL of water to be added to every $1$1 mL of the detergent for safe usage.
How many litres of water must be added to $610$610 mL of detergent?

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The admission for a concert starts at 6pm and closes at 7pm. If there are 900 people attending and they arrive at a constant rate, what is the flow of people per minute?

What is the distance travelled by a car if it travels at $60$60 kilometres per hour for $9$9 hours?

What is the time required for a car to travel $170$170 kilometres at a speed of $10$10 kilometres per hour?



Solve problems involving ratios, rates, and directly proportional relationships in various contexts (e.g., currency conversions, scale drawings, measurement), using a variety of methods (e.g., using algebraic 15 20 x 4 reasoning, equivalent ratios, a constant of proportionality; using dynamic geometry software to construct and measure scale drawings)

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