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Features of Binomial Distributions

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Assume $6%$6% of the Australian population, which was approximately $22$22 million people in 2016, contract influenza each year.

How many people would the Department of Health expect to have contracted the flu in 2016? Round your answer to the nearest whole number if necessary.

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A certain disease has a survival rate of $64%$64%. Of the next $110$110 people who contract the disease, how many would you expect to survive? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

The probability of a particular tennis player getting their first serve in is $0.72$0.72. If she serves $90$90 times in a match, how many times would she expect to get her first serve in?

A subject exam consists of $48$48 multiple choice questions. Each question has $4$4 options, of which $1$1 is correct. Neville guessed the answers to all of the questions.

How many questions would he expect to get correct?



Investigate situations that involve elements of chance: A calculating probabilities of independent, combined, and conditional events B calculating and interpreting expected values and standard deviations of discrete random variables C applying distributions such as the Poisson, binomial, and normal


Apply probability distributions in solving problems

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