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The number of three-pointers scored in a basketball game are shown in the dot plot below. The mode is $2$2. If the outlier is removed what is the new mode?

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Consider this stem plot.

The glass windows for an airplane are cut to a certain thickness, but machine production means there is some variation. The thickness of each pane of glass produced is measured (in millimetres), and the dot plot shows the results.

Consider the following set of data:




Carry out investigations of phenomena, using the statistical enquiry cycle: A conducting experiments using experimental design principles, conducting surveys, and using existing data sets B finding, using, and assessing appropriate models (including linear regression for bivariate data and additive models for time-series data), seeking explanations, and making predictions C using informed contextual knowledge, exploratory data analysis, and statistical inference D communicating findings and evaluating all stages of the cycle.


Use statistical methods to make a formal inference

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