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Level 8 - NCEA Level 3

Mixed Probability and Sample Spaces

Interactive practice questions

Buzz can’t remember the combination for his lock, but he knows it is a three digit number and contains the digits $6$6, $8$8 and $9$9.


List all possible locker combinations that Buzz should try.

Write all the combinations on the same line, separated by commas.


State the total number of possible outcomes.


If Buzz is correct that the combination includes $6$6, $8$8 and $9$9, what is the probability the combination starts with $6$6?


What is the probability the combination starts with $6$6 and ends with $8$8?


What is the probability the combination starts with $6$6 or ends with $9$9?

Approx 3 minutes
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Luke can’t remember the order of his PIN for his EFTPOS card, but he knows it contains the digits in $2853$2853.

The following two spinners are spun and the result of each spin is recorded.

The following spinner is spun and a normal six-sided die is rolled. The result of each is recorded.



Investigate situations that involve elements of chance: A calculating probabilities of independent, combined, and conditional events B calculating and interpreting expected values and standard deviations of discrete random variables C applying distributions such as the Poisson, binomial, and normal


Apply probability concepts in solving problems

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