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Level 8 - NCEA Level 3

Applications of Parametric Equations

Interactive practice questions

The position in metres of a projectile $t$t seconds after its launch is described by $x=55t$x=55t and $y=102t-17t^2$y=102t17t2.


Find the time $t$t at which the projectile returns to the ground.


Find the maximum horizontal distance covered by the projectile.


Find the maximum height reached by the projectile.


Find the rectangular equation for the path of the projectile.

Approx 8 minutes
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A plane takes off by flying in a straight line from the origin at a constant speed of $109$109 metres per second. The graph shows the position of the plane at a particular point in its flight.

A search-and-rescue team has been dispatched to rescue an injured bushwalker who is $20$20 km east and $21$21 km north of their current location. They move straight toward the bushwalker at a steady pace of $58$58 km/h.

Rochelle is trying to swim to the other side of a $2.5$2.5 km wide river. She sets off at a constant pace swimming due east and reaches the other side after $30$30 minutes, but was dragged $1.5$1.5 km downstream by the strong current flowing due south.



Apply the geometry of conic sections


Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems

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