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Level 8 - NCEA Level 3

Inverses of Exponential Functions

Interactive practice questions

Consider the function $y=2^x$y=2x.


Graph the curve of the function $y=2^x$y=2x:

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On the same set of axes, sketch the graph of $y=\log_2x$y=log2x.

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Fill in the blank to complete the following statement:

The $y$y-value of the $y$y-intercept of $y=2^x$y=2x is also the $\editable{}$-value of the $\editable{}$-intercept of $y=\log_2x$y=log2x.

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The following plot shows the graph of $y=10^x$y=10x and its reflection across the line $y=x$y=x.

Consider the function $y=10^{-x}$y=10x and its inverse function:

Rewrite $y=2\log_ex-3$y=2logex3 with $x$x as the subject of the equation.



Display and interpret the graphs of functions with the graphs of their inverse and/or reciprocal functions

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