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Level 8 - NCEA Level 3

Identify Characteristics of Rational Functions

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Finding solutions to rational equations requires careful consideration. Fill in the missing number:

"A proposed solution of a rational equation must be rejected if it causes a denominator to equal $\editable{}$."

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What is the resulting equation after we clear the fractions? Do not solve the equation.

$\frac{8}{\left(x+6\right)\left(x-6\right)}$8(x+6)(x6) $=$= $\frac{5}{x-6}+\frac{4}{x+6}$5x6+4x+6
$\left(x+6\right)\left(x-6\right)\times\frac{8}{\left(x+6\right)\left(x-6\right)}$(x+6)(x6)×8(x+6)(x6) $=$= $\left(x+6\right)\left(x-6\right)\left(\frac{5}{x-6}+\frac{4}{x+6}\right)$(x+6)(x6)(5x6+4x+6)

A rational equation can have no solution. True or false?

Consider the following graph of a hyperbola.



Form and use trigonometric, polynomial, and other non-linear equations


Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems

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