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Energy in the body

Interactive practice questions

According to the table, how many kilojoules would a very active female in her 60's require per day?

Age Activity Level Women (kJ/day) Men (kJ/day)
$18-35$1835 inactive $8000$8000 $10500$10500
  active $9000$9000 $12500$12500
  very active $10500$10500 $14800$14800
$36-70$3670 inactive $8000$8000 $10000$10000
  active $8800$8800 $11800$11800
  very active $10400$10400 $14300$14300
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The treadmill at the gym displays the estimated kilocalories that a person has used while on the machine. Vincent was using the treadmill and used $782$782 kilocalories. How many kilojoules is this?

Use the conversion rate of $1$1 kilocalorie$=$=$4.2$4.2 kilojoules.

Ursula is training for a charity walk. In one of her training sessions she wants to burn $2751$2751 kilojoules. How many kilocalories does she have to burn?

Use the conversion rate of $1$1 kilocalorie$=$=$4.2$4.2 kilojoules.

Do you burn more energy standing relaxed for $5$5 hours or vacuuming for $0.5$0.5 hours?



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