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Time Difference II

Interactive practice questions

A taxi departs at 13:32 from Sydney and arrives at 20:14 at Melbourne. How long did the taxi take for the trip?

The trip took $\editable{}$ hour(s) and $\editable{}$ minute(s)

Approx a minute
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Find the value of: 

$7$7 hours $7$7 minutes $+$+ $11$11 hours $34$34 minutes

Find the value of

$10$10 hours $43$43 minutes $-$ $2$2 hours $29$29 minutes.

Evaluate $7$7 hours $59$59 minutes $+$+ $12$12 hours $11$11 minutes



Use appropriate scales, devices, and metric units for length, area, volume and capacity, weight (mass), temperature, angle, and time

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