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Add and subtract four digit numbers I


Remember how you learned a variety of ways to add and subtract 3 digit numbers?  You can use these same methods to add and subtract 4 digit (and even larger) numbers, too.  Watch the videos below to see what this looks like.

Add 4 digit numbers

  • You can add in any order.
  • Be sure to add numbers of the same place value.
  • If a place value has a sum larger than 9, regroup and carry over to the next place value (Go to the lesson on regrouping to see more).


Subtract 4 digit numbers

  • In subtraction, order matters.  Subtract the second number from the first.
  • Subtract numbers of the same place value.
  • If you see a smaller number being subtracted from a larger one, regroup and borrow from a larger place value.  (Go to the lesson on regrouping to see more).


Worked Examples

Question 1

Find the value of $2652+5116$2652+5116.

Question 2

Find the value of $5599-1187$55991187.

Question 3

Ivan is saving up for a new grand piano, which will cost $\$6898$$6898.

If he currently has $\$2575$$2575 saved up, how much more money does Ivan need to purchase the grand piano?




Use a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.


Record and interpret additive and simple multiplicative strategies, using words, diagrams, and symbols, with an understanding of equality

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