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Multiplication as comparison of size


Now that we have learnt our multiplication tables we can solve maths problems where we need to work out how many times bigger one group is compared to another.  Watch this video to find out how.


When we solve problems with the words "How many time bigger..." we can use multiplication.



Question 1

The attached image shows a row of squares.

  1. How many times more circles are shown below compared to the squares?

    $\editable{}$ times

  2. How many times more triangles are shown below compared to the squares?

    $\editable{}$ times

Question 2

Make $8$8 ten times bigger.

Question 3

Complete the following statement by filling in the box.

  1. If Ben is $5$5 years old and his father is $8$8 times older than him, Ben's father must be $\editable{}$ years old.

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