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2.04 Applications of subtraction

Interactive practice questions

Find the value of $30-18-7$30187.

Less than a minute

A farmer has $88$88 sheep in a paddock and $46$46 cows in another paddock. $13$13 sheep are taken away to the wool shed, and while the farmer is away $3$3 sheep get out of the paddock through a hole in the fence.

How many sheep are in the paddock now?

Fiona has ordered $359$359 large bricks for the purpose of building a brick shed. She uses $225$225 bricks for the two side walls, $63$63 bricks for the back wall and $31$31 bricks for the front wall, leaving space for a door.

How many bricks will there be left over?

It took Caitlin $268$268 seconds to finish a race. Iain finished the race $2$2 seconds quicker than Caitlin, and Victoria finished the race $4$4 seconds quicker than Iain.

How many seconds did it take Victoria to finish the race?

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