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7.02 Convert units of time


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Do you remember how many  seconds are in a minute  ? Or how many minutes are in an hour?


Example 1

Complete the statement with the missing number:

There are seconds in 1 minute.

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

We can use the fact: 1\text{ minute} = 60 \text{ seconds}.

Apply the idea

There are 60 seconds in 1 minute.

Idea summary

1\text{ minute} = 60 \text{ seconds}

60 minutes in an hour

We are going to look at using multiplication and division to convert between hours, minutes, and seconds.

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Example 2

It takes around 300 minutes to drive from Sydney to Thredbo.

How many hours is this?

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Divide the number of minutes by the number of minutes in an hour.

Apply the idea

We can use the fact: 1\text{ hour} = 60\text{ minutes}.

\displaystyle 300 \div 60\displaystyle =\displaystyle \dfrac{300}{60}Write as a fraction
\displaystyle =\displaystyle \dfrac{30}{6}Cancel out the zeros
\displaystyle =\displaystyle 5Divide 30 by 6

The drive takes 5 hours.

Idea summary


\begin{aligned} 1\text{ Week} &= 7\text{ Days}\\ 1\text{ Day} &= 24\text{ Hours}\\ 1\text{ Hour} &= 60\text{ Minutes}\end{aligned}



reads and records time in one-minute intervals and converts between hours, minutes and seconds

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