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14.02 Picture graphs


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Do you know how to keep a  tally  ?


Example 1

Rosey asks 15 of her friends what their favourite colour is. Here are their answers:

pink, blue, yellow, blue, green, pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, pink, blue, green, pink, blue

Count the number of each colour and fill in the table.

ColourNumber of friends
\text{Blue }
Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Count the number of times she wrote each colour and put that number in the box.

Apply the idea

The answers have pink 5 times, green 2 times, blue 7 times and yellow 1 times.

ColourNumber of friends
\text{Blue }7
Idea summary

We can use a frequency table to write a summary of the results with the number of times each item occurs.

Picture graphs

Let's learn more about picture graphs in this video.

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Example 2

A class were asked to vote which sport they would like to play in their next lesson. The votes are shown in the picture graph.

This image shows a picture graph for sports votes. Ask your teacher for more information.

Each image represents 1 vote.


How many students are in the class?

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Each image represents 1 vote by 1 student. Count the images in the graph.

Apply the idea
\displaystyle \text{Students}\displaystyle =\displaystyle 7+3+5+1Add the number of images
\displaystyle =\displaystyle 16

Which sport received the most votes?

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

Choose the sport that has the most images next to it.

Apply the idea

Basketball received the most votes.

Idea summary

Look at the key on a picture graph to help you understand what it is telling you.



selects appropriate methods to collect data, and constructs, compares, interprets and evaluates data displays, including tables, picture graphs and column graphs M

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