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6.01 Repeated addition


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Let's try this problem to help us remember how to double a number.


Example 1

Double 9.

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

"Double" means "multiply by 2."

Apply the idea

We can think of 9\times 2 as 2 groups of 9 just like in the image below:

The image shows 2 rows of 9 squares.

Count the number of squares to get:

9\times 2 =18

Idea summary

To double a number, we multiply the number by 2.

Repeated addition

When we add the same number more than once, we can think of it as multiplication, as we see in this video.

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Example 2

Write this addition as a multiplication. 4+4+4+4

Worked Solution
Create a strategy

We can rewrite the addition as a multiplication using: \text{Number of groups}\times\text{Amount in each group}.

Apply the idea

We have 4 groups of 4. We can rewrite this as multiplication: 4+4+4+4=4\times 4

Idea summary

If we are adding groups of the same size, we can also write it as a multiplication:

\text{Number of groups}\times\text{Amount in each group}



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