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12.02 Function Machines


Are you ready?

You may have already seen some patterns, try this one.

Write the next number in the pattern:

  1. $2$2, $4$4, $6$6, $8$8, $10$10, $12$12, $\editable{}$

Just like when you're counting, patterns can continue forever. You can always add or subtract the same amount to continue a pattern.


Let's look at how number machines can be used to continue patterns when you have the rule.


Think about the following function machine:

  1. Complete this table of inputs and outputs:

    Input Output
    $6$6 $\editable{}$
    $7$7 $\editable{}$
    $8$8 $\editable{}$


  • Number machines show the relationship between the input (starting number) and output (answer).
  • If you are given the output, you can find the input by reversing the rule.

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