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4.02 Number sentences from story problems


Are you ready?

Remembering how to equally share a number into groups can help us in this lesson. Let's try this problem to review. 

Fill in the box with the missing number.

  1. If you get $8$8 groups of $\editable{}$, then altogether you have $80$80.


How do we know if we need to multiply? Let's see how to solve this story problem.


Question 1

There were $2$2 rows of trees in a field, with $3$3 trees in each row.

  1. Write a number sentence for this story problem to find the total number of trees in the field.


When our story has some sharing, it's time for division, as we see in this video.


Question 2

Dylan has $120$120 chocolates to give out to $10$10 guests at his birthday party and wants to make sure each guest gets the same amount.

  1. Write a number sentence for this story problem to find how much each guest would get.



If we need to find out the total, we need to multiply. If we know our total and want to find out how many groups we have, or how many are in each group, we need to divide. We need to look for key words that tell us what we need to do.





Solve word problems by using number sentences involving multiplication or division where there is no remainder

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