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2.05 Subtraction with regrouping


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When we add numbers together, place value is really important. Do you remember how to add numbers with 3 or more digits together?

Let's find the value of $705+205$705+205, by partitioning the numbers.

  1. Fill in the box with the missing number.


  2. Fill in the box with the missing number.


  3. Find the value of $705+205$705+205.


When we subtract, we may need to regroup, or trade, some of our numbers. This video shows how we can do that, so that we can subtract another number. Let's take a look.


Question 1

Find the value of $355-137$355137.


This time we have numbers with more digits, and the video shows how we can trade, or regroup, thousands to help us subtract in the hundreds place.


Question 2

Find the value of $6241-2319$62412319.


If we don't have enough to subtract, we can regroup from the next place to the left.



Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems

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