The 2021 edition for primary is a complete comprehensive primary resource, with supports for instruction, exploration and consolidation of all essential concepts. This is the first Mathspace edition to include teacher notes, a detailed guide to delivering each lesson. The teacher notes include keywords to build mathematical language and warm up activities to ascertain the readiness of students for the concepts about to be covered. It also comes with direct instruction supports by way of concept and question videos, GeoGebra applets with suggested implementation activities and student questioning to enhance their experience of mathematics through visualisation and interactivity and most importantly it highlights crucial aspects that students often find difficult or confusing for each concept. It has been developed to cover the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum in a way that ensures consistency between year levels and across concept areas. There are elements included in the resource that we identified as necessary for the continuation of learning, such as content that connects learning from a concept that was present in the previous year to something that is further developed in later years. This ensures that we don’t have a two year gap in concept development and that we are able to further support student learning. Student lessons allow for students, or people supporting students with their learning, to access the direct instruction concept videos and sample question explanation videos. Sets of interactive questions have been designed to be comprehensive indicators of student understanding of those concepts. Planning a lesson, teaching the material, monitoring participation, and reporting on progress are all enhanced by a range of integrated features. These serve to liberate teachers from tedium and distraction, allowing them to focus their time and effort on fostering authentic learning and connecting with their students. The curriculum statements within are taken from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). All the GeoGebra applets referred to in the Victorian Curriculum Year 4 2021 Edition can be found here: The Victorian Curriculum F-10 content elements are © VCAA, reproduced by permission. The VCAA does not endorse or make any warranties regarding this resource. The Victorian Curriculum F-10 ( and related content can be accessed directly at the VCAA website (
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