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Middle Years

12.04 Two-way tables

Interactive practice questions

$50$50 students were asked whether or not they were allergic to nuts and dairy. The two way table is provided below.

  Allergic to Nuts Not Allergic to Nuts
Allergic to Dairy $6$6 $11$11
Not Allergic to Dairy $6$6 $27$27

How many students are allergic to nuts?


How many students are allergic to nuts or dairy, or both?


How many students are allergic to at most one of the two things?

Approx 3 minutes
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Some students were asked if they are left or right handed. The results are provided in the table to the right.

If a student is picked from this group at random,

Mr. Tobit asked the students in his class to pick their favourite subject. He displayed the results in a two-way table.

$170$170 tennis players were asked whether they would support equal prize money for the women’s and men’s draw.

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