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Stage 5.1-2

8.07 Angles of elevation and depression

Interactive practice questions

Find the angle of depression from point $B$B to point $D$D.

Use $x$x as the angle of depression and give your answer in degrees and minutes to the nearest minute.

Approx 4 minutes
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Find the angle of elevation from point $C$C to point $A$A.

Use $x$x as the angle of elevation and give your answer in degrees, minutes and seconds to the nearest second.

The angle of elevation from an observer to the top of a tree is $35^\circ$35°. The distance between the tree and the observer is $d$d meters and the tree is known to be $1.24$1.24 m high. Find the value of $d$d to $2$2 decimal places.

From the top of a rocky ledge $274$274 m high, the angle of depression to a boat is $15^\circ$15°. If the boat is $d$d m from the foot of the cliff find $d$d correct to $2$2 decimal places.



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