Real assessment. Adaptive technology. Works on any device.

Discover the power of Mathspace for Schools.

The mathspace advantage

Inspire confidence with personalised learning

Give students a learning environment that encourages success. Our step-by-step adaptive learning technology automatically adapts questions to meet each student's level & pace.

Make learning interactive

Our eBook has 15 000+ questions, lessons, videos, and applets covering primary and secondary curricula. Students can learn by visualising mathematical concepts in an interactive way. They can also get step-by-step hints as they work through questions.

Bring fresh, up-to-date resources to your classroom

Get digital lessons covering all topics in one spot. Customise students' work by searching topic questions, then drag & drop to create your own lesson. Combine face-to-face learning with online learning by using our problem solving investigations as classroom activities, or create printouts of any online exercise.

See where everyone is at

Quickly and easily see how individual students are tracking from your Mathspace dashboard. Target specific learners by creating an unlimited number of groups within your class.

What do students and teachers say?

See how the primary and secondary teachers at Billanook College (Melbourne, Australia) are using Mathspace.

Ask our team of teachers for help

Speak to our in-house teachers or techinal team members anytime with Live Chat from your dashboard.

Works on any device

Mathspace is built for web and mobile. So whether your students have Mac or PC, tablet or Chromebook, Android or iPhone you can be confident they’ll be able to access Mathspace anywhere.

Schools love Mathspace

Our teachers are saying that Mathspace is the best digital product they've ever used!

— Andrew Casale (Principal, Math & Science, Mineola Middle School - an Apple Distinguished School, NY)

Mathspace is BY FAR the best edtech team that we've worked with. We've been searching exhaustively for a program that can provide our scholars with this rigorous content, while also allowing us access to student data that we can use to inform differentiation.
Our kids LOVE your program, our team LOVES working with you. We think Mathspace is the PERFECT tool for our scholars to both fill conceptual gaps, and be challenged with rigorous content that can best prepare them for some of Chicago's best high schools.

— Brandon Karns (Math Teacher, The Village School, TX)

We use MathSpace almost every day to support mastery-based, individualized, self-directed learning. Mathspace has provided a scaffolded environment through the use of AI directed hints, helps, videos and an embedded CCSS textbook. This also allows me to confidently engage with individual students in one to one, small group and individualized projects, knowing that all students are fully engaged, through multiple access points, in individually appropriate content. Students love MathSpace and actually cheer when it is time to 'Go to MathSpace'.

— Julia Leeson (Silicon Valley Teacher of the Year, 2013)

Mathspace allowed me to truly work with the struggling students, while my more high performing students could move through the problems. I was able to catch small minor mistakes with the students, or in some cases, major gaps in student learning. I would also be able to create lessons that provided differentiation for students at higher levels. I could keep students motivated because I could show them that I could see their steps and work. By allowing multiple variations of answers, it also allowed students to "skip" steps and still provide a step in the right direction. This helped build confidence within my students.

— Jarusha Geringer (Math Teacher, Smith Hale Middle School, MO)