We've found teachers who are exploring new and innovative ways of incorporating technology into maths education and helping students to be the best they can be.

Our 2021 Teacher Winners

Hannah Mast

All Saints' College

Why is teaching maths important to you?

"Teaching maths is important to me because it is truly visible in every aspect of our lives if we only look hard enough – and everybody should have access to its beauty. So often people say they are ‘so bad at maths’ or that they ‘hate maths’ because they have never engaged with it in a way that motivates them, and as a maths teacher it is my privilege to expose students to all the things maths can do and to show them that they can achieve. Besides, it’s fun!"

Julie Walker

Ararat Community College

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching maths is more important than ever. It is not only vital for life skills but provides our young people with problem solving and thinking skills to make sense of the world around them and to solve the problems of the future. The maths classroom is a safe place to spark curiosity, make mistakes and be creative.”

Cath Mason

Bayside P-12 College

Pat Fitzgerald

Catholic Regional College North Keilor

"Teaching Maths is important to me: During remote learning, more than ever, teaching maths has been important to maintain a certain sense of “normality” in a student’s life. Mathspace has provided the avenue allowing teachers to monitor and give feedback to the students. At CRC North Keilor, the Maths team has worked tirelessly together to deliver at each year level a curriculum which the students have embraced, attempted and completed to a standard they can be proud of."

Andrew Diessel

Central West Leadership Academy

Why is teaching maths important to you?

"My passion in teaching is opening up the joy and potential for students to see the real beauty in Maths. It is important to meet every student at their level and help them take the next step."

Vaughan Nikitin

Fitzroy High School

"This awards and recognises an amazing FHS team, team-teaching students what they are ready to learn next, supported by the innovative and improving Waypoints diagnostics and interactive online Mathspace resources."

Carmelina-Marie Cutrupi

Georges Hall Public School

Why is teaching maths important to you?

"Teaching maths in a diverse, multi-modal fashion is essential as it creates opportunities for development in problem solving, critical thinking, interaction, communication and reasoning, which most importantly, builds fundamental life skills for all students"

Kirstyn Fuller

Harrisdale Senior High School

Mikhaela Adam

Hunter School of Performing Arts

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Maths is a creative and collaborative learning experience. It is important because it allows students to problem solve and communicate ideas, and it can provide opportunities for students to become seekers of knowledge and understanding about the world around them.”

Philip Mayes

John Wollaston Anglican Community School

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“I’m passionate about empowering students to be masters of their own mathematical journey, so they can set lofty goals and build confidence in their own abilities. Mathematics gives students the tools to critically examine their world, work with others and stand for themselves.”

Chantel Bullman

King's Christian College

"I love teaching Mathematics to students as I like to see that 'a ha' moment, that lightbulb moment students have when they understand a new concept."

Duane Leslie

Launceston College

Graham Jackson

Macarthur Girls High School

Fiona Meager

Melton Christian College

Anubha Suri

Newtown High School of Performing Arts

Why is teaching maths important to you?

"I believe that Mathematics is a universal language which forms the heart of most aspects of our lives. Mathematics can help our students understand the world better and provides them the opportunity to learn modern world skills such as logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving."

Lu Zhang

Perth Modern School

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching maths to young people is a fulfilling career.”

Paul Trotter

Sheldon College

"I am humbled that my students would take it upon themselves to nominate me for this award. I am also proud that the broader education community might also recognise my contribution.

I have always believed that technology can have a transformative effect on learning the moment its digital affordances are allied to powerful pedagogy."

Hong Tay

St Helena Secondary College

Lauren Jackson

Sunbury Downs College

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching mathematics in a way that allows every student to show real growth regardless of their starting point is important to me.”

Stefania Pulford

Thebarton Senior College

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“I feel immensely rewarded every day when students are able to make connections in numeracy; these are skill sets and understandings that will help them for the rest of their lives - often when they do not even realise it.”