We've found teachers who are exploring new and innovative ways of incorporating technology into maths education and helping students to be the best they can be.

Our 2020 Teacher Winners

Philippa Lees

Brigidine College St Ives, NSW

Mick Arrogante

Canberra College, ACT

Kerry Wirth

Carinya Christian School, NSW

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Mathematical concepts continue to amaze me even after 30 years of teaching to many ages and stages. There is certainty in Mathematics, but also infinity. There are patterns and predictability but then also surprises. I enjoy the challenge of helping students understand. It sounds corny, but every time a light comes on, a learning moment, I feel so happy.”

Nella Sharp

Catholic Regional College North Keilor, VIC

Jen Single

Central West Leadership Academy, NSW

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“It's a life skill that surrounds us in every context and allows us to thrive.”

Melissa Skondro

Georges Hall Public School, NSW

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching math is important to me as I see the benefits it has on the children we teach and the benefit to our society. It builds the ability of our students to become problem solvers- not only in mathematics but also, in everyday life and everyday situations. Teaching math in a real and relatable way to students is crucial for them to remain engaged and see the benefits beyond the classroom. It builds critical thinking and reasoning skills- all necessary life skills. Teaching math is important because it is all around us and helps us understand and navigate the world around us better.”

Shaun Stedman

Harrisdale Senior High School, WA

Sharon Evans

Hunter School of the Performing Arts, NSW

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching maths is important to me because it provides me the opportunity to help build problem solving skills and creative thinking in students which are such valuable tools to have in our everyday lives.”

Jeb Hendricks

Irene McCormack Catholic College, WA

Mutassem Eid

Islamic College Of Melbourne, VIC

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Mathematics explains the world we live in, understanding maths means you can understand the world better.”

Helen Thurn

Lambton High School, NSW

Nelson Ha

Magdalene Catholic College, NSW

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Problem solving can be difficult but it’s rewarding doing difficult things.”

Andrew Trost

Melrose High School, ACT

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“In my experience, mathematics is the one subject that many, many people truly believe that they simply cannot possibly learn. By showing that they can in fact learn some mathematics, not only do they learn some content, but they are compelled to view more positively their ability to learn in general.”

Joel Thomas

Mildura Christian College, VIC

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“We can’t see the creator, but we can see evidence of His power and glory in the creation, the basis of which is mathematics.”

Denise Arnold

Patrician Brothers’ College Blacktown, NSW

Glen McClelland

Perth Modern School, WA

Mikael Leo

South Coast Baptist College, WA

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“I am teacher so that I can have a positive impact and be an influential role model for young men and women. Being a Mathematics teacher allows me the opportunity to assist students in building life long numeracy skills and problem solving abilities which they can apply to everyday scenarios. Teaching Mathematics is important to me as a platform for building relationships and nuturing students by providing them with skills for their future.”

Romina Fonhof

St Francis Xavier College, ACT

Jennifer Comans

University of Canberra High School Kaleen, ACT

Laurence Riemer

Willetton Senior High School, WA

Why is teaching maths important to you?

“Teaching Maths is important to me as I enjoy helping students to grow and improve their problem solving abilities. Being surrounded by enthusiastic teachers and students helps keep me keen and coming up with ideas on how to help students interested in learning maths. I love using humor and technology to keep maths classes interesting.”