We've found teachers who are exploring new and innovative ways of incorporating technology into maths education and helping students to be the best they can be.

Our 2019 Teacher Winners

Natalie Hammond

Bayside P-12 College

Natalie's enthusiasm and passion for Maths education is described as ‘infectious’. She consistently works hard to raise the level of learning, not only in her classroom but with her colleagues as well. Natalie consistently develops new activities, lesson plans to share with the team.

Natalie describes her hope for the future of maths education as being ‘engagement and motivation via achievement’.

Sophie Butler

Darwin High School

Sophie is an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching mathematics for 9 years in the Northern Territory.

She is a driving force of change in her school, and has supported colleagues to incorporate technology, enabling them to tailor learning to the individual student’s needs.

Vivien Clark

Deception Bay State High School

Vivien is a Junior High School and Special Education teacher, teaching both students with a disability and those who struggle with Maths due to low literacy or learning difficulties.

Vivien is described as a dedicated and passionate teacher who is a master at differentiation. She uses Mathspace to ensure that the work is targeted to the level/needs of individual learners.

To Vivien, it is important that her students experience success and feel that what they are learning is relevant to their everyday lives. “Many of my students have never received a passing mark in Maths before. I want to prove to them that they too can achieve.”

Nick Rice

Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Nick has been teaching at Doncaster Gardens for 20 years. He loves teaching because every day is different and there are new challenges presented.

Nick is described as a passionate educator, who always provides high levels of encouragement and support for his students. Nick believes that students should be provided every opportunity to excel and should not be bound by limits. His passion has not only inspired his students, but fellow teachers as well.

Nick’s hopes for the future of maths education is to be able to challenge each individual student in a variety of ways.

Nina Filipovic

Holland Park State High School

Nina has been a teacher for five years. While it can be challenging at times, Nina enjoys teaching new concepts and building and shaping the Mathematics knowledge of her students.

Described as an enthusiastic and innovative teacher, Nina often looks into research-based student engagement strategies to improve student learning.

Since starting teaching, Nina has seen many changes in teaching practices and processes but would like to see further development towards the digital age, through the use of online tools and data to further individualise the learning of each student, and recognise and fill learning gaps.

Blake Rosevear

Lumen Christi College (WA)

Blake is a technologist as well as a mathematics teacher. During his 10 years at Lumen Christi College, Blake has realised the importance of new technologies in his profession, and have been incorporating them into his everyday teaching practices.

Within his school he is seen as a role model by fellow teachers, and has inspired many in their implementation of technology into their teaching.

Blake is currently the Head of Digital Pedagogy, driving his vision of teaching for the future, creating rich lessons that can be easily differentiated to accommodate all kinds of students.

“Ditching the old textbook method was the smartest move we have made in years.”

Rosemarie Dal Cin

Morisset High School

Rosemarie loves being a maths teacher because she’s able to share her enthusiasm for the wonderful world of numbers to the next generation of adults.

Rosemarie is described as a very dedicated and supportive teacher who takes extra time out to help her students and colleagues alike.

She wants to change the public conception that Maths is boring and useless. When she introduces herself as a maths teacher, she hopes to hear "That is fantastic, I really learnt some valuable life lessons in that subject at school." NOT "I hated maths. Wasn't any good at it."

Paul Haras

Northern Beaches Christian School

Paul is a passionate educator who is devoted to supporting and inspiring his students so that they can all experience growth and success.

He sets up Mathspace so that there is differentiation and student ownership in day-to-day learning, but have also introduced it as a formal assessment tool to monitor student progress and reduce teacher workload.

Paul’s innovative approach towards maths education has directly impacted every teacher in the faculty and transformed the way that they approach teaching.