Introducing the new Teacher Experience

The new teacher experience is the biggest product update that Mathspace has ever made. We've spent 12 months creating a more steamlined and impactful Mathspace interface, which is also extremely practical for daily use. Every enhancement has a purpose, and each new function has been developed in collaboration with our teaching community.

What should you know about the new teacher experience?

The new experience is much more than a simple redesign. It brings the most important student data insights to the surface, and makes it easy for you to act on these insights. You can easily assign the right work at the right time with intuitive task creation and content browsing.


Better content browsing with our library of 225 textbooks, including brand new lesson content and question types


Create tasks from anywhere in Mathspace for easy, timely task creation based on data insights


A suite of new reports that give you high level class insights, but also dig deeper into individual student performance

Special Launch Event: New Teacher Experience
Duration 52min
This is a panel event in which you’ll get to hear from our Founder, and our product team. Learn about why we’ve launched the new teacher experience, and get ideas on how you can use it.