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We've created a free online Academy with the vision of helping all Australian students to keep learning maths, no matter where you are.

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Weekly live lessons are run by Mathspace teachers every Thursday. Keep up with your maths while you learn from home.

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Meet the teachers

  • Mohamad Jebara

    Founder & CEO, Mathspace

    Mohamad Jebara began his career as a derivatives trader at Optiver, and became a senior partner at the firm. Yet he found himself eager to build value of a different kind—so he quit to become a maths teacher. Mathspace is his effort to extend his enthusiasm for numbers to as many classrooms as possible.

  • Jono Murty

    Content Developer

    Jono has over 6 years teaching experience... see more

  • Andrew Crisp

    Head of Content

    Andrew is a passionate mathematics communicator and... see more

  • Daniel O'Kane

    Maths Teacher and School Liaison

    Daniel is a maths educator who is... see more

  • Richmond Foo

    Maths Teacher and School Liaison

    Richmond has been a high school teacher... see more

  • Erin Gallagher

    Head of Curriculum

    Erin has over a decade of teaching... see more

How does it work?

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In the lead up to the live lesson, try doing some of the recommended pre-work on Mathspace. Read the topic, read the textbook chapter and try some practice questions.

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Our weekly live lessons are run via video conference platform Zoom. Students can ask questions in the chat and can engage with one of our Mathspace expert teachers.

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You don't need to have a Mathspace account to take advantage of the free lessons but it is recommended.

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